Spectrum Analyzers (Signal Analyzers)

See the real performance of your device with industry-leading analysis tools that help you:

  • Address evolving test needs—from unbounded in R&D to just enough in manufacturing—with diverse hardware platforms
  • Accomplish deeper troubleshooting or one-button measurements with the broadest set of application-specific software
  • Get results you can trust based on proven measurement science and a commitment to measurement integrity, whether you are optimizing your test for performance or throughput
  • Achieve greater longevity of your test assets with upgradeable features and performance


 X-Series Measurement Applications for Signal/Spectrum Analyzers

X-Series Measurement Applications for Signal/Spectrum Analyzers

  • See and understand more with ready-to-use measurements
  • Ensure proper measurements and repeatable results with built-in expertise and simplified operation
  • Available on a new instrument or as a post-purchase upgrade
 89600 VSA Software

89600 VSA Software

  • Comprehensive demodulation & vector signal analysis
  • Decode & verify MAC, RLC & RRC-layer messages across multiple radio frames
  • Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace, defense, general-purpose
 Productivity Software

Productivity Software

  • Connect and control instruments with simple to use software
  • Single and multi-instrument control and sequencing
  • Install, transport and manage licensing
  • Calibration and adjustment capability


 Smart Harmonic Mixers

Smart Harmonic Mixers

  • Auto LO amplitude adjustment to compensate cable loss
  • Vector correction data: magnitude and phase
  • Auto LO alignment at start up, Auto set default frequency and LO harmonic
  • USB plug-and play connection
 Noise Sources

Noise Sources

  • Simplify measurement setup with noise sources that work with the X-Series signal analyzers
  • Improve your setup time with automatic download and storage of ENR data
  • Enhance measurement accuracy with temperature sensing capabilities
 More Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Accessories

More Spectrum and Signal Analyzer AccessoriesSimplify test setups and get the best possible measurement results

  • Provide high performance broadband down-conversion of millimeter-wave signals
  • Accurately measure the power of RF and microwave signals
  • Utilize the outdoor portable monitoring system, various accessory kits, probes, cables and more