SHS1000 Series Isolated Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes (Nearing End-of-Life) (Discontinued)

SHS1000 Series Isolated Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes (Nearing End-of-Life) (Discontinued)

  • Completely isolated oscilloscope input channels, including oscilloscope and multimeter channels
  • Combines the functions of an oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder in-one
  • Oscilloscope isolation level: CAT II 1000 V and CAT III 600 V
  • Quick waveform printing and USB storage
  • 60/100 MHz bandwidths, 2 input channels, 2 Mpt memory depth
  • Nearing End-of-life. Last time buy before December, 31st 2021

Product Overview

Siglent’s SHS1000-series handheld digital oscilloscopes take advantage of years of SIGLENT research and development. It adopts many dedicated integrated circuits which allows for a simpler layout, low power consumption and a very small footprint.

The SHS1000 series will be discontinued soon. We expect the last-time-buy date to be December 31st, 2021, but reserve the right to close sales earlier if parts availability becomes an issue. We will continue to fulfil orders on a first-come-first-served basis until stock is depleted. We will have a compatible replacement product very soon. Please contact SIGLENT if you have any additional questions.

Key Features

  • 1 GSa/s real time sampling rate, 50 GSa/s equivalent sampling rate
  • Equipped with a high precision multimeter (DCV/I, ACV/I, continuity, and more)
  • 3 kinds of cursor modes, 32 automatic waveform measurements
  • 5.7 inches color TFT-LCD
  • Supports trend plotting and long-duration data recorder function