GF334 harmonics power analyzer is small size, handheld design, with current measurement directly from 0 to 20A, accuracy 0.05%, harmonics measurement from 2nd to 64th , display harmonic content and bar graph. As a high precision power analyzer. It is suitable for electricity power utilities and power plant, technical supervision department, industrial, mining, petroleum as well as chemical, home appliances and manufacturing enterprises. Application for power measurement, lab power reference standard, harmonic analysis, load analyzer etc.


  • The measured data can record, query and upload print.
  • Ultra-compact design, handheld, small size, light weight.
  • It can measure harmonics ration from 2nd to 64th and the harmonic analysis.
  • Showing the AC waveform, vector diagram and determining the 3P3W connection errors.
  • It can be divided into direct current clamp measurements and precision measurements.
  • Instrument calibration by using software to facilitate the correction instrument variation.
  • High accuracy instrument, good stability and wide range of voltage monitoring 0-600V, current 1mA – 20A.
  • The usage of multi-channel power supply, AC power supply can also be rechargeable battery-powered machine.
  • It can measure three phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, phase, etc.


  • Vector analysis: based on the voltage, current and phase error, display vector graphics.
  • Calibrator meter: load calibration of various single phase and three phase energy meters.
  • Measuring harmonics: measure/display voltage and current waveforms and harmonic bar graph.
  • To measure the instantaneous values – including the exchange parameters: U, I, P, Q, PF, phase angle, frequency, harmonics, etc.
  • The value of the measurement process: it can be recorded and tested continuously of voltage, current, active power, reactive power and other electrical parameter values and curves in a dynamic process and graphically display.
  • Electrical equipment for short-term energy consumption; energy resolution; milli-watts; time resolution; milli-second; they are difficult to available for common instrument of power. The functions are used by pumping, cranes, air conditioning and other equipment in a work cycle connected power