DP-50 ( 50MHz/7KVp-p )

  1. This is the first detachable design (patent for 15 years)
  2. 4 range attenuation selection, easy for operation.
  3. For big power using. Max. Measuring is 7KVp-p.
  4. It is capable for any brand of digital and analog oscilloscopes.
  5. 16MΩ high input impedance.

DP-50K ( 50KVp-p / 60MHz )

  • MAX. Input Voltage: ±25KV DC or 50KV p-p or AC 17KVrms
  • Bandwidth: 60MHz(X500), 20MHz(X5000)
  • Input Impedance: 280MΩ// 1.5PF
  • x500, x5000 Attenuator
  • To Ground MAX. Voltage: 8.8KV CAT III
  • Output Impedance: 50Ω