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Precision Current-Voltage Analyzers Series

Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series ensures accurate and efficient current-voltage measurements that give a clear insight into IV characteristics across a wide range of applications. The powerful characterization software and integrated source and measurements units (SMUs) make it much quicker and simpler to obtain accurate IV characterization. The EasyEXPERT group+ software supports all the characterization tasks such as measurement setup and execution, data analysis, data management and protection and so on, using the graphical intuitive user interface and mouse/keyboard operation. The Series provides a wide selection of IV analyzers suitable to your specific measurement needs in the range from an economic model to the most advanced analyzer capable of supporting cutting-edge applications.

Power Device Analyzer Series

The Keysight Power Device Analyzers are the best solutions for power device evaluation. Power Device Analyzers have wide voltage and current coverage options ranging from 3 kV / 20A to 10 kV /1500A and other features that make them capable of handling all types of power devices. The Series provides a wide selection of power device analyzers suitable to the needs of power device manufacturers and power electronics circuit / product manufacturers.