Device Current Waveform Analyzer

Device Current Waveform Analyzers

The HitechDevice Current Waveform Analyzer is the world’s first instrument that clearly and precisely visualizes current waveforms previously unmeasurable or undetectable.

The CX3300 series Device Current Waveform Analyzers consists of mainframes and dedicated sensors enabling dynamic current measurements and analyses from 100 pA up to 100 A. It has up to 200 MHz wide bandwidth and 14-bit or 16-bit wide dynamic range. It also enables you to measure dynamic voltage with up to 16-bit resolution.

For IoT applications, you can measure the current profile of low power device including both sleep and active states with up to 100 dB wide dynamic range, without having to use multiple instruments or make multiple measurements.

For mobile applications, the wide bandwidth and low noise performance enable current profile measurements of PDN (Power Delivery Network or Power Distribution Network) including both large inrush current and small sleep current with the same instrument.

For advanced NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) device development, both the wide bandwidth and low noise performance unveil the true pulse response of the device by measuring low-level transient current.

The intuitive and advanced GUI with touch-panel display enables you to start your current waveform measurements quickly without the need to study a thick user manual.

With these unprecedented features and performance, the device current waveform analyzers extend your advantage in lower power design by analyzing in-depth current and voltage waveforms.